Vuarnet Nightlynx lens!

Vuarnet Nightlynx

 We all know the tune “I wear my sunglasses at night” but did you know that Vuarnet created a new lynx lens to benefit those who have trouble seeing clearly at low light conditions? That’s right! The Vuarnet lens is called Nightlynx. It is made with Vuarnet iconic glass lens for optimal acuity as well with the silver bigradient mirror the lynx lens is known for.

 The Vuarnet Nightlynx lens has 100% UV, and protects from blue light that can be harmful. Glare is reduced while enhancing the contrasts and the perception of distances. The Vuarnet Nightlynx also has a multilayer antireflective coating with is essential with low light use.

 Vuarnet Nightlynx lens can be found in the vintage model 02 and 03 sunglass as well as lifestyle models like the District, Tom and Swing.

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