Nothing says Vuarnet like the Vuarnet Glacier and Vuarnet Glacier XL. These two easy-to-recognize and characteristically Vuarnet sunglasses feature their signature leather side shields meant to surround the user’s eyes in complete sun protection. Although designed for daylong downhill French Alpines skiing, the Vuarnet Glacier make a great lifestyle sunglass as well. Thanks to their complete protection from the sun, from both the sky and reflections off the ground (as nearly all Glaciers come with a Vuarnet Lynx lens featuring a mirror both above and below for that exact purpose), they make a great pair to wear while walking around town for all occasions especially driving.
Of course, our favorite part about the Vuarnet Glacier is their unique style and unrivaled build quality that now features a mix of high quality acetate and titanium in the latest models. The side shields are crafted out of genuine leather as well. Of course, this comes as no surprise considering the Vuarnet Glacier has been around since Vuarnet started in 1957, being designed specifically for Jean Vuarnet the Olympic skier himself.

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