Time to fall in love with: Tiki Tortoise

When you think of glasses, the mind goes straight to black or tortoise shell (brown). The eyeglass world has an array of colors that you can choose from, why not venture out of the norm and try what we know is your color: Tiki Tortoise!

With hints of rich mahogany, neutral silver and translucent details Barton Perreira’s Tiki Tortoise will make others turn heads.

Our favorite pair of Barton Perreira glasses with Tiki Tortoise color is the Nina. The Nina knocks other cat eyes out of the park with its thick rims and powerful and stylish shape. The Barton Perreira Nina is a full zyl frame, so you are able to admire Tiki Tortoise color throughout it’s silhouette.


Barton Perreira Nina in Tiki Tortoise

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