What Glasses Are Perfect for Your Face Shape?

Many new clients come in to our store and ask, “what is my face shape?” “Do I have a oval/round/heart/square face?” My simple answer that I select frames based on what looks good on the client. I will take the client “out of the box” while feeling confident. Specifically when I select frames, I am looking at the following:

  1. Does the size of the eyeglass fit his/her face?
  2. Does the eyeglass flatter his/her face? For example, is it complementing his/her cheekbones?
  3. What is the effect of the glasses with his/her eyebrows?
  4. Does the frame have a good bridge fit?
  5. Does the frame color complement his/her skin tone?
  6. How will the prescription lenses look and feel in the frame?
  7. Is the frame weight comfortable for the client?
  8. Most importantly, is the frame an extension of the person’s personality and style?

Fitting clients in high quality and attractive frames is the joy of my profession.  

Be bold. Wear the statement piece.


You can schedule a personal eyewear fitting with Quynh at 415-383-4085 or send us an email at winkoptics@gmail.com

(image courtesy of familyoptometric.com)

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