Learning to wear your first progressive is similar to riding a bike for the first time; it takes practice and perseverance. On average, it takes 2-14 days to adapt to progressive lenses. The images you see are formed in your brain, so give your brain some time to adapt.

How To: Point your nose at what you want to look at, and adjust your chin up or down to bring the objective into focus. After some practice, wearing progressives will become natural and comfortable in all viewing zones.

  • Be Positive. People with an optimistic, never-give-up attitude will prevail. Over 95% of our clients are successful progressive wearers.
  • Be Patient. On average it takes about two weeks to get used to a progressive lens, but be patient! It can take up to four weeks before your eyes and brain adapt to your progressive lenses.
  • Be Realistic.  Progressives are not perfect for every situation. If you spend 8-10 hours on a desktop computer every day, speak to your optician about a Office Progressive.
  • Be Consistent. With consistent wear comes faster adaptation.  Try your progressive lenses first thing in the morning and wear them all day for two weeks. Put away the readers, contact lenses and single vision glasses! You’ll also need progressive sunglasses in the future.
  • Be Careful. Until you are fully adjusted, be careful driving, going down stairs, or stepping off curbs.
  • Be Proactive. Try progressive lenses as soon as you are diagnosed with presbyopia.  In general, as your prescription increases, the more difficult it can be to adapt to progressives.

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